Soul Vision Awakening

Connecting Masters* With Their Soul Purpose And Awakening Them To Their Full Potential

*Masters are old souls who have a higher calling in this life and have a bigger vision to impact humanity.

Finding Joy, Happiness, Fulfillment

Being conscious about what you are you grateful and thankful for is a great start to finding the joy, happiness, and fulfillment you’ve always desired, and it’s your birthright to be joyful, happy, and fulfilled! What’s in your way from achieving that state of mind and feeling? Ask the Universe, “What does it take to find joy, happiness and fulfillment with total ease?” Don’t worry about looking for the answer yourself; Allow the answer to come to you and find you.

Our Values


Purposefully connecting with the soul, creating alignment when there is a disconnect from the soul’s essence, and achieving true happiness from a deeper place.


There’s nothing deeper and more important than connecting with one’s essence and understanding the direction we’re meant to go. Seeing our personal journey in a different way and aligning the self with who we are down deep.


Getting an in-depth understanding of our gifts, trusting the vibration we’re meant to be in, and following the path we’re here to lead.


Purifying our energy, setting ourselves free from limitations, family, society, or other experiences. To live a life where we are more connected with the soul, feeling lighter, unattached, and more at peace.


Opening up and accepting transformation – the transformation of the journey that leads to where we are today and where we are going next. Giving ourselves the opportunity to align the self to the next frontier.


Awakening to what the soul wants to do in order to achieve enlightenment. Bringing enlightenment to physicality and realizing the next level of consciousness.


Mastering one’s soul purpose and accomplishing what we’re meant to do on earth. Seeing our purpose clearly and aligning all of our decisions to this mission. Creating a ripple effect as a result of stepping into our power.

Joseph Boutros Agape

Joseph is known worldwide as a healer and a visionary. His unique approach to healing the pain of your past has been perfected from years of working with clients and training with holistic practitioners.

Wake up to a new you.™

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