Being the Divinely Loved Self

A 9-Week Online, At-Home Program Using Quantum Divine Art Meditation™

Do you feel these days it seems hard to figure out the answer to the questions you ask yourself?

What is the meaning of your life?

What is the point of your life when you always come back
to the result of whatever is taking place in your life?

What is, or are, your value(s)?

Are you able to feel your value?

Self-Love is often neglected by most of us for many reasons.

Sometimes, it is misunderstood and sometimes it’s never thought about.

Sometimes we never cared enough.

It is a feeling located in the heart and chest.

Self-love, defined as “love of self” or “regard for one’s happiness or advantage” of one’s worth or virtue, has been conceptualized as a basic human necessity and a moral flaw, similar to vanity and selfishness.

Self-Love is not just about getting a massage, manicure or pedicure, doing Yoga, or even eating healthy, although there’s nothing wrong with any of those.

It is more about self-respect to yourself.

It is about self-care.

It is about what you do or say about yourself every day.

It is about stopping the self-judgement and self-punishment we inflict on ourselves and our body.

Today, many of us are experiencing confusion.

On our journey, we experience the joy, the frustration, the anger, the guilt, the happiness, the kindness, the sadness and other feelings, but we have missed out on one important factor.

The fact is, we left ourselves behind by not being good to ourselves, punishing ourselves for the choices and decisions we made in our past, and even punishing ourselves for what other people did to us in our past.

We often end up blaming ourselves for all of our past experiences.

How to love myself when I never experience it myself?

How can I identify with the term “love”?

How do you love yourself?

Well, that’s a pretty difficult thing to do because the word love is defined by so many people in so many different ways.

But all of them include one theme and that is a positive viewpoint.

You can’t love something if you hate it – if you have a negative viewpoint toward it.

You love it because you have a positive viewpoint toward it.

So instead of saying how to love yourself, let’s talk about how to have a positive attitude and viewpoint toward yourself.

Let me give an example of what happened in my life.

I didn’t start as a painter.

I’ve never been “into” art, and I’m awful at drawing.

So, how did I become a professional artist in such a short time?

One day, I got an invitation from one of my clients to his birthday party.

His girlfriend had arranged a paint night with one of her artist friends.

It would have been easy to turn that down, saying to myself, “I don’t know how to paint. I am not a painter. I am not an artist,” but all I remember saying was, “Oh, sure! I’ll be there!”

The party ended up being quite exciting and fun, and I decided that painting was something I’d love to do again.

That year was 2017, and I painted 5 pieces.

The following year, 2018, I did 85 paintings.

To date, I’ve reached around or passed over 400 paintings, and I’m excited to share them with you!

Do you feel if you are not aware of doing something you can not be good?
You must switch from thinking it is IMPOSSIBLE to I’M POSSIBLE!

There is a lot you can do to become the best version of yourself in every phase of life.

You might think, “This person does things better than me,” or “That person excels more,” but it’s important to remember that you are not competing with others.

One of the problems in loving yourself is the tendency to compare yourself to others.

Instead, focus on competing with yourself.

How do you do that?

Establish a baseline for whatever it is you’re doing, and strive to improve upon it.

Quantum jumping makes this easier because, in the concept of quantum jumping, everything exists in the now in an infinite universe.

You can always “jump” to a universe where you possess the attributes you desire and where you are at your best in what you’re doing.

We often think we need to be the best compared to others to be good enough.

This is not true.

We just need to be better than our past selves.

“You never change things by fighting against the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.”

– Buckminster Fuller

Are you ready for a new possibility to heal your life?
Will you try a new possibility?

Art has transformed my life and taken me in a new direction and phase.

I feel the freedom to express myself, and I’m not always sure what will show up when I sit down to paint.

I discovered the vast possibilities and where I can utilize my awareness with energy, vibration, and frequency throughout my life.

It is about bridging our physicality and spirituality, creating new potential of conscious possibilities, and picking the rhythm of what is possible.

This allows my connection with supreme intelligence to flow and create the perfection of a painting for a specific Human Soul or even Human Souls who are collaborating at the same time and are part of a group Soul Family.

As an artist today, I aspire for my work to bring Quantum Divine Healing in the environment where it is placed, and also as my commitment to freeing the Human Soul.

In this program, we will use Quantum Divine Art Meditation™.

Why Use Meditation with Art?

It’s part of being human to suffer physical conditions, emotional disturbances, material depletions such as financial miseries, and spiritual and soul-related “scarcities” that tap our creative juices and zest for life.

If not addressed, the complex feelings we generate due to these challenges can get the best of us, escalating over time into chronic illnesses, long-term depression, anxiety disorders, soul loss, and more.

Stress alone has been indicated in countless scientific studies as the precursor to a myriad of diseases, including high blood pressure, gastrointestinal issues, asthma, and diabetes.

Meditation can be a great solution and even an unharmful way to reduce and eliminate our living situation.

It cannot harm you or even the person using it.

So, how do we escape a downward spiral or even reverse its effects?

Meditation is an easy way to address specific issues in our lives.

We must rise to a higher level of mind by elevating ourselves above the consciousness or subconscious that produced it in the first place.

During meditation, you’ll learn to change your energy and thus move into a greater level of consciousness.

This allows you to step out of some limited aspect of your current personal reality—or box—into a new dimension, one where the problems and challenges in your life no longer exist.

Using Time Travel Meditation, you will learn how to reverse or elevate the energy of a past trauma.

We will tap into the Multiverses of Possibilities and Timelines as we have a multiverse of possibilities and are represented with what I refer to them Your Identical Selves and explore the options that you choose for yourself. 

Remember, this is NOT an Art Therapy program.

Meditation is designed to help you become the creator of your life by tuning in to your desired new future.

You’ll learn to activate and open your heart, generating coherence through elevated emotions.

Then, you’ll combine your clear heart with the explicit intention of an apparent brain to send a strong signal into the field of all possibilities.

Opportunities and coincidences appear when there’s a vibrational match between your energy and some potential in the quantum field.

That’s because you’re synchronizing your energy to those possibilities by tuning into them with your heart.

In this short but mighty meditation, you will practice falling in love with your new future – and drawing it to you with the magnetic field of the heart.

Meditation is like breathing; we all get used to it, aligning us to be relaxed, connected, and in our hearts.

I will guide you myself, using my 35 years of experience in meditation in all my healing work.

When you breathe, you are now connected to Supreme Intelligence, God, Divine, Source, whatever you choose to call that intelligence. 

Are you ready to reach deeper into yourself discover yourself and your affinity to self-love and activate your Identical Selves allowing your healing to come out from within?

For all my programs past or new now, I am using Quantum Divine Art Meditation™.

Joseph’s knowledge and expertise paired with his meditations through his artwork – a very unique & innovative approach, I may add, brought revealing and profound results. Through Joseph’s guidance through all the colors and geometric shapes of his art, I was able to attain deeper and more effective healing.

Pasqualina Scala

The deep meditations enabled me to embody the changes I wanted to make in each session and provided me with an awareness that the energy shifts were complete. I love meditations, yet Joseph’s guided meditations using Quantum Healing Art are at a whole new level. Experiencing each one brings me through a much deeper meditative and healing process, in which I’m in closer connection with my guidance and creativity. In addition, my ability to get faster energy shifts and results has magnified.

Maura Christine Ryan

Thank you, Joseph, for attending your recent 5-Day Meditation Challenge. You certainly over-delivered! Throughout the group calls, sharing your valuable insights and active involvement created a great atmosphere, and enhanced clarity, and the topics covered in your healing meditations are relevant, impactful, and nothing short of priceless. I‘m grateful for participating in the challenge and the profound shifts it has facilitated in my life. Thank you, Joseph, for your unwavering commitment with guiding others on their self-discovery healing journey. I’m blissed and thankful for having crossed your path.

Stefan Sczryba

Are you feeling ready to indulge yourself with such an experience?

Each week is about moving from 3D to 5D and beyond…
Time to Activate!

Week 0 – Bonus Call and Introduction

Week 1 – Your Untold Secret

Week 2 – Your Untold Story

Week 3 – Judgement of Self and Lack of Love Self

Week 4 – Supporting an Illusion and Lack of Identity

Week 5 – Taking Ownership and Personal Responsibilities

Week 6 – Got Triggered? Stop Taking Everything Personally

Week 7 – Limiting Belief Systems and Old Programs

Week 8 – Create and Co-Create a New YOU

Week 9 – Create and Co-Create a Divinely Loved Self

Being the Divinely Loved Self

A 9-Week Online, At-Home Program Using Quantum Divine Art Meditation™

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