Relationship Numerology Reading

For People Who Want to Understand and Improve Relationships of All Kinds

I’ll Show You Why Your Primary Relationship Can Be the Source of
So Much Pleasure or So Much Pain…

and How Blueprint Numerology is the Secret to Relationship Success!

If you’re currently in a relationship with someone, chances are you’ve experienced some ups and downs.

Perhaps your relationship with your significant other is loving and fun, and you’d like to learn more about what makes you both tick.

Maybe your relationship is with a coworker or a client, and you both are locked into negative patterns and behaviors.

You want to make a positive change and enjoy a fresh start.

Or your relationship is with money or your business, and you’ve tried to improve things again and again, only to have the frustration and pain get worse and worse.

You’ve probably seen far too many relationships fail.

You want what’s best for yourself and everyone involved, so you may be thinking some things like this…

“Is this the right relationship for me?”

“Why do I keep attracting similar people and circumstances into my life?”

“Am I headed toward success or failure?”

“How can I understand what my partner, coworker, or client needs?”

“What can I do to make it all better?”

Why is My Relationship Going Down This Path?

It’s important to realize that the root cause of many challenging relationships stems from childhood experiences.

And it’s not just from the bad experiences you had as a child, it’s also from the wrong programming from parents, peers, culture, religion, and the environment.

Take money, for example.

Negative experiences and programming around money can lead to limiting beliefs like…

“The only way to make money is to work hard.”
“Money is the root of all evil.”

Negative experiences and programming around relationships with other people can cause repeating thoughts like…

“I don’t deserve anyone better.”
“Why do I keep attracting this type of person into my life?”

If this sounds like you, the reason you are stuck in this cycle is you never understood the lessons that you were supposed to learn from your childhood experiences.

Discovering and understanding these lessons is a critical step toward healing yourself and improving your relationships with loved ones, coworkers, clients, your business, and your finances.

So, where do you begin the healing process?

The best place to begin healing your childhood experiences and improving relationships OF ALL KINDS is with Relationship Blueprint Numerology.

What is Blueprint Numerology?

Blueprint Numerology is an easy-to-use system that shows you your life from a different perspective. It helps you understand your inner strengths and challenges as calculated from your birthdate and name.

I am Joseph Boutros Agape, and my unique and personalized approach to Blueprint Numerology aligns you with your soul to live the destiny you were meant to live.

Your soul drew you a blueprint the moment you were born, and its guidelines were mapped out for you to walk through your life.

Your blueprint is your guide — the “instruction manual” — that you brought with you into the world.

You have a personal numerology blueprint, and so does everyone in your life!

How Does Blueprint Numerology Help My Relationship?

Whether the relationship you have in mind is with a loved one, coworker, client, your business, or with money, Relationship Blueprint Numerology is the secret to personal growth and soul development.

Your personal blueprint is your unique numerology chart.

When I work with you and another person, I calculate both of your charts, read them individually, and then compare them to reveal…

➤ How your number vibrations can make or break your relationship

➤ Whether or not you and your loved one are “in sync”

➤ What relationship problems you can expect with your unique number vibrations

➤ What qualities and lessons you are destined to learn from each another

➤ How your relationship can grow and flourish on all levels if you manage your challenges right now

Relationship Blueprint Numerology is exactly what you need to express howdeeply you understand and care for yourself and others!

What’s Included in the Relationship Blueprint Numerology Package…

I personally calculate all charts and conduct all readings over the phone.

This is a customized, one-on-one experience that is like nothing else you’ve ever experienced!

Your Relationship Blueprint Numerology package includes:

  • 2 full numerology charts created from my hand-drawn calculations — one chart for you & one chart for another person in your life
  • 2 complete live readings of both charts with additional time for questions and deeper discussion
  • 1 live analysis and comparison reading of your charts as it pertains to the important aspects of your relationship

If you’re ready to develop a much healthier relationship with your friends, loved ones, co-workers, bosses, and even your finances, get this powerful reading now and watch as your world transforms.

It’s time to understand what your relationship needs to survive and thrive with Relationship Blueprint Numerology!

Give All of Your Relationships a Chance TODAY!