Soul to Soul Connection Level 1

Attract the Right People Into Your Life and Clear Out Non-Serving Relationships

We all have a story.

What is your story? What happened to you?

What story are you telling yourself right now, in this very moment that you are talking to yourself about your life?

Are you fed up attracting the same people to your life?

Are you pissed off that your health is becoming a problem, causing agitation, anxiety, and sometimes panic, on your journey?

Are you giving up pursuing your dreams?

You just need to choose new desires today in your life!

In my 25 years of working with the healing arts, I’ve observed that everything running in your life is running on autopilot and, in most cases, it’s based on a stuck emotion in the etheric field around your body.

This may have started to affect your Chakras — your energetic system.

Certain feelings or emotions we tend to hold onto and become stuck with may go back as far as a childhood trauma.

They may be centered around limiting beliefs about yourself or someone in your family which, for example, you experienced again when you went through your divorce.

You may also be reminded of the emotions or feelings from that childhood event or trauma by people you encounter on a daily basis, including your own children!

This reminds you, those emotions or feelings need your attention.

They need to be released and freed!

Today, you have the opportunity to do that!

Your Soul signed all sorts of Soul Agreements with other souls to provide you with the experiences you’ve encountered.

Soul Agreements are not over for you until you say they’re over!

Are there any Soul Agreements you have that are over for you?

Is your Soul Agreement seeking an experience around…


What Soul Agreements did you sign up for?

Have you noticed?

There is no right or wrong here about what happened.

There is no right or wrong here for the decisions you made.

There is no right or wrong here for the actions you followed.

There is no right or wrong here for the choices you acquired.

There is no judgement about anything!

The time is now to get yourself ready to take over your life and start releasing and clearing these agreements!

Join my Soul to Soul Connection Online Program to release all the feelings you are still holding onto.

Maybe you’ve been hoping those feelings would just disappear.

Unfortunately, they won’t unless you take responsibility and do something about it.

During this transformational program, you’ll clear the most common areas for many of us…

Module 1 – Clearing of Shame

Module 2 – Clearing of Guilt

Module 3 – Clearing of Apathy

Module 4 – Clearing of Grief

Module 5 – Clearing of Fear

Module 6 – Clearing of Desire

Module 7 – Clearing of Anger

Module 8 – Clearing of Pride

Module 9 – Soul Agreement Clearing & Amending the Agreement with Mom and your ancestry from your mother’s side of the family

Module 10 – Soul Agreement Clearing & Amending the Agreement with Dad and your ancestry from your dad’s side of the family

Module 11 – Clearing of Self-Love & Forgiveness: Meet your Identical Self

Module 12 – Clearing of Self-Love & Forgiveness: Meet your Future Self

You’ll Also Receive These Exclusive BONUSES…

✓ Previously Recorded Group Coaching Calls(value $2,000.00)

✓ Facebook Private Group for additional community support(priceless!)

Plus You’ll Get These BONUS Meditations…

Introducing Your Island and Inner Child Meditation * White Light Protection Meditation * Grounding Tree Meditation * Chakra Balancing Meditation * Introducing Your Guides Meditation * An Emotion or Feeling Meditation * Fragmented Commitment with Others Meditation * Fragmented Commitment with Yourself Meditation * Dad Meditation * Mom Meditation * Belief System Meditation * Look as an Observer Meditation * Retrieve Unwanted Meditation * Chakra Reconnect with the Person Meditation * Bold Statement Meditation * Being Naked and Recharge Meditation * Inner Critic Stomp Your ANT Meditation * Another Introduction to Your Guides Meditation * Living in Your Bubbles Meditation * Clearing of Desire Meditation * Clearing of Pride Meditation

This Healing Program IS NOT for You If:

X You are unwilling to let go of things that hurt you.
X You are not coachable and don’t want a guide to support and lead you toward a better life.
X You make up too many excuses so you don’t have to change.
X You somehow enjoy allowing your past to limit your life.

This Healing Program IS for You If:

You are ready to stop letting your thoughts and emotions beat you up.
You keep running into and attracting similar people, experiences, and circumstances into your life.
Your health is deteriorating and getting out of control.
You are ready to shed your painful past and choose a new direction to start living with joy.
You are tired of living with the old you, being angry, sad, and afraid.
 You are tired of living with the old you, being stressed, worried, and anxious.
You are tired of living with the old you, being criticized, put down, and told you are not worthy.
You are ready for a successful, happy, and fulfilled life.

What Happy Students Say

Look for the Emotional Shift

I recently completed the Soul to Soul Connection Master Class. The online program focuses on cutting any “soul agreements” with people where you are still feeling some negative emotions around. Working with my “inner child” and remembering earlier times in my life was quite an eye-opener for me. Joseph’s program requires that you do the work, clearing and ending agreements through meditations, cord cutting, chakra clearing, and forgiving letters.

One of the key aspects that I took away are the tools that I can use anytime I feel uncomfortable with someone, or, wonder why they are in my life. I was also surprised at some of the memories that came up for me about situations/people I had long forgotten and didn’t really want to remember. However, that’s where the real work begins! Once you’ve done the clearing and cutting you will have a different appreciation for people who came (or will come) into your life – look for the emotional shift.

I also loved referring to Dr. David Hawkins’ “Map of Consciousness” and moving through the lower energy vibrations. Joseph is extremely generous with his time and knowledge. If you know you have “soul agreements” that are keeping you stuck – this is a “must do” course for you!

Dana Smithers
Law of Attraction Coach ~ Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Extraordinary Results ~ Extraordinary Man ~ Extraordinary New You

I was initially drawn to Joseph’s blueprint numerology session in Victoria, BC and in listening to my intuitive senses, that gentle little tug on my heart strings which whispers ‘yes’, I was led to the next stepping stones of our energetically connected evolution of souls.

The path with Joseph was deep, rugged and my ego withstood a few bruises as we dove into the muddy waters, yet this delicate journey brought me home to the deepest essence of myself. On the other side of the jagged rocks, I found this beautiful, amazingly powerful woman, CEO of her world, who I’ve come to understand had lost sight of her mission in the maze of hazy, clouded illusions, one of perfected stories and twisted perceptions built up through emotional shut-downs from many past experiences. A special key was placed in my hands by Joseph, one my heart sensed would take me places I’d left behind in my basket of ‘never in my wildest dreams’, so I plunged in, releasing my death grip on my security blanket of excuses and discovered how to unlock the door of my own self-created cage from the inside.

Brilliant choice-points led me to discover many unknown blessings from family experiences, and when I learned to look with eyes wide open, I could see all of my imperfections too and still fall deeply madly in love with my authentic self anyway. The energetic blueprint of my heart collided with pure potentially ~ and what a fiery combination that was! The day I realized I’d found exactly who I’d been searching for my whole life, I was standing in awe of the very powerful human being reflected back to me in the mirror, happy tears of joy welled up in my eye when I realized, ‘OMG! You’re the one I’ve been waiting for!’

I feel so grateful to be reaping all these beautiful gifts of sheer amazement of just being alive, and experiencing many magical moments of pure connection where things arrive to me with effortless ease, but which tickle the deepest parts of my heart and soul. The craziest part is all this magic was right there in front of me waiting for me to unlock my light from within and SHINE from the depths of my heart and soul, and honestly, what better place to begin a new journey of creative expression from such an amazing unshakable foundation, sharing my unique, precious gifts on a global level.

Joseph’s style is kick-ass & straight-forward! He’s an amazing teacher, a highly spiritual being connected to realms who’ll direct you to places you’ve only yearned to go. I highly recommend Joseph for anyone who’s ready to drop the ‘security blanket’ of excuses and play life full on! Trust me when I say, Joseph is very capable of taking you places you only dreamed possible, and far, far beyond his program titles indicate, if only YOU COMMIT to the WORK!

Extraordinary results ~ extraordinary man ~ extraordinary new you ~ why not? What’s stopping you?

Deb English
Celtic Mystic Healing Circles

At Last, I Was Free

Joseph’s meditations are unlike any others. They helped me see things in a different way, things that have been holding me back my entire life. I was completely unaware of why I wasn’t happy in my life and why I wasn’t living my dream, unable to fulfill my destiny, until I started to understand why I did the things I did – things I had been punishing myself for decades. It wasn’t until I realized that I actually created every one of the situations I thought I was the victim of, consciously or unconsciously, that I realized I had the power to choose to do things differently. I actually had the power all along, but I couldn’t tap into it, and it was eating me up inside. I was at one of the darkest periods in my life when I met Joseph, and I realized that what I’d heard before was true – when the student is ready, the teacher appears.

I was ready to do something different because everything else I tried wasn’t working. I heard that voice in my head that told me it was too expensive – no way could I spend that kind of money on therapy. But this wasn’t therapy; it was a chance to finally, once and for all, get answers to all the unanswered questions. It was a chance to find peace, a peace I never thought I could find. It was a chance to be happy, the happiness I thought I didn’t deserve. You can’t put a price on that. It was a chance to let go of patterns and ways of thinking I thought I couldn’t live without when I actually couldn’t live WITH them any longer. The money I thought I didn’t have to attend Joseph’s classes was the best money I ever spent – it was worth it!

Soul To Soul Connection Level 1 prepared me for the Chakra Release Series – Base Chakra and confirmed what I knew from a very young age but could never put my finger on – that there is so much more to life than we think and that we are never alone. The Chakra Series addressed pain I had been holding in my body from traumas I had experienced since I was a child and traumas I watched others experience.

Had you told me that the pain would go away during the meditations and that I would find myself freer with each one, I would never have believed you? It was as if a weight I had carried for so long had been lifted. Again. And again. And again. How could it be?

For the first time, after a lifetime of asking questions, it didn’t matter. At last, I was free. So, if you think you can’t afford to try something different, think again. You can’t afford not to. And you are worth it! Where there is a will, there is a way. Joseph will work with you, and he will never tell you what to do or judge you for what you might not be ready to do. He will help you see that the power to do anything you want to do – what you know you are here to do – is within YOU.

His book, “I Choose… Rewire Your Subconscious With Ease”, will help you see that you and you alone have the power to change your life – but you don’t have to do it alone. If nothing else, start there, and you will see what I mean. Or do what I did and jump in.

You will not be sorry you did.


Soul to Soul Connection Level 1

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