Soul to Soul Connection Level 2

Prerequisite: Soul to Soul Connection Level 1

In Level 1, we completed the clearing and removal of all of the Soul Agreements, and we focused on the following concepts…


Releasing all of the feelings associated with certain adapted and borrowed things from our parents, culture and religion. It was time to release it, and/or give it back to the person you borrowed it from.


Stopping similar patterns in your life to start moving with total ease and freedom and open up the full possibilities.


Refers to what we’ve heard many people say: “It feels like I am dating my mom or my dad,” or, “I keep attracting my dad in my boss.” Similar situations and events keep repeating again and again with different people in one’s life.

In Level 1, we used the MAP OF CONSCIOUSNESS created by Dr. David Hawkins, and we worked through the lower vibrations starting with “shame” and ending with “pride.”

That is the story of the “Backpack” that most of us carry with us everywhere we go for most of our life, if not our whole life.

This backpack we carry contains all of the un-addressed emotions in our life.

It’s been packed with early childhood emotions and feeling that have brought us to be the person we are today, including the default of strengths or weaknesses we’ve brought with us.

Your life is not only about your childhood, but more, it is about your Soul Purpose.

Your Soul decides to be here when you are born.

After you accepted the role of fulfilling that Soul Purpose, what happened?

Did you give up on it?

You still can do it!

If you ELEVATED in Soul to Soul Connection Level 1, then you’ll SOAR in…

Soul to Soul Connection Level 2

Here’s What You Get in Level 2

✓ Five (5) Month Group Coaching Calls + T.E.P. sessions on all calls (value Priceless)

✓ Five (5) 1:1 sessions with Joseph (value $2,500)

✓ One (1) Bonus Month Free (value $1,500)

✓ Your Numerology Breakthrough Program (value$1,497)

✓ Psychosomatic Numerology Consultation (value $497)

✓ Release and Renew Program (value $497)

✓ Website with your own panel

We will continue to dig deeper into the Map of Consciousness created by Dr. David Hawkins and move further through the levels…

Courage (34/7)

According to Dr. Hawkins, this level will calibrate at 200, which is the norm of every human who is leaving their own shadow behind, something we addressed in Level 1. At that level, you see things as being sad, hopeless, frightening and frustrating. At this level of Courage, spiritual energy profoundly alters the experience of self and others; therefore, it is at the level of the beginning of empowerment. It is the zone of exploration, accomplishment, fortitude and determination. Courage implies the willingness to work on new things and to deal with the changes of life. At this level of courage, you will see things differently as exciting, challenging and stimulating. You will be able to put back into the world as much as you are taking out. You are breaking through at the level of 200, and there is intuitive acceptance of the truth of accountability as a spiritual and social reality. This is accompanied by the emergence of awareness of responsibility for the destiny of one’s Soul, and not for the body and the satisfaction of the ego.

Every level contains its own mix of vibrations. Courage is 34/7 which has the 3, 4 and 7, and the effects will depend on your chart. Reaching courage with the 3 vibration on your side will help you start to express your emotions and feelings easily. You will be happy and living with some joy of attaining the new minimum level, and you can shed all the hard work behind you. Reaching Courage with the 4 vibration is more about balance than ever before for you in your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self. You can overcome limitations with ease and are more dependable than you have to. Reaching Courage with the 7 vibration means that now you are better equipped with an improved confidence today in trusting in yourself. Time to tap in your inner gifts and start using them.

Neutrality (46/10/1)

According to Dr. Hawkins, this level will calibrate at 250. Energy becomes very positive at the level termed Neutral because of the release from the positionalities of the lower levels. At this level, it is the start of our inner conUdence. You can feel a sense of well-being and the capacity to live in this world when you are at this level.

Every level contains its own mix of vibrations. Neutrality is about the vibrations 46/10/1. You are now improving in your relationship with the 4, 6, 1, and 0 vibrations that are available in your own chart. Reaching Neutrality with the 4 vibration will further improve focus and balance in your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects. You will be more consistent and more attentive to your own needs. You will be able to focus and improve your manifestations of all elements in your life. Reaching Neutrality with the 6 vibration means taking responsibility of your life. Create stability and gaining more trust with your healing gift and work and expand it to a new height. Most importantly, it is by tapping into accessing the Universal love around you. Reaching Neutrality with the 1 vibration means allowing yourself to be more robust, equipped with better willpower, and mentally creative, bridging the vibration of the 0 with all the inner gifts, insights and inner wisdom you are bringing with you to this world.

Willingness (53/8)

According to Dr. Hawkins, this level will calibrate at 310, and at that point, you are now into the gateway, breaking out from the Matrix, and going towards the higher levels of awareness. Normally, work is done well at this level and success is common in all endeavors and is usually rapid. Self-esteem is knowing with total ease at this level without question and effort. Spiritual dedication and effort bring unanticipated rewards that confirm the validity of the commitment. The seeming sacrifices turn out to be well worth the effort.

Every level contains its own mix of vibrations. Willingness is about the vibrations 53/8. You are now improving in your relationship with the 3, 5 and 8 vibrations that are available in your own chart. Reaching Willingness with the 5 vibration means an increase in excitement, curiosity and understanding. You become more sensual, articulate and adaptable in your life. Most will become ready to expand. Reaching Willingness with the 3 vibration means becoming more affectionate, enthusiastic, and sensitive to other’s feelings. You become inspirational to everyone that crosses your path. Reaching Willingness with the 8 vibration means you crossed one of your biggest fears- the fear of using your power. Now, you can enter the stage of being ready to use your power with more responsibility, and without any abuse. You charm people with your wit and authentic charm.

Acceptance (35/8)

According to Dr. Hawkins, this level will calibrate at 350. At this level of awareness, a major transformation takes place with the understanding that oneself is the source and creator of the experience of one’s life. Taking such responsibility is distinctive at this degree of evolution, and is characterized by the capacity to live life harmoniously with the forces of life. In the old you, when you were below the level of 200, in Soul to Soul Connections, we used to see ourselves as victims at the mercy of life, and we didn’t have any control of life. Life was what it was, and we had no control. After level 200, you have responsibility and the feeling of abundance. You are no longer interested in the problem, and more interested in finding the answer and solution by resolving the issues at hand.

Every level contains its own mix of vibrations. Acceptance is about the vibrations 35/8. You are now improving in your relationship with the 3, 5 and 8 vibrations that are available in your own chart.Reaching Acceptance with the 3 vibration is even more improved from what you’d attained from the Willingness Level, and you will take it further becoming super enthusiastic. Your life-view is meaningful, and a deep sense of forgiveness is shaping up in your energy. Reaching Acceptance with the 5 vibration means having more admiration, cheerfulness, conUdence and kindness, on top of what you’d accomplished from the same vibration in your Willingness Level. Now you’ve achieved more freedom than you’d ever dreamt of. Reaching Acceptance with the 8 vibration means your life view is complete. You can now fully trust in your energy and in the abundance that exists in your Universe and the Universes around you. You then become abundant, and you will be sharing that abundance generously.

Reason (27/9)

According to Dr. Hawkins, this level will calibrate at 400. At this level, it is easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees. You can become obsessed with concepts and theories, and therefore miss the essential point. The consciousness levels of the 400s represent the emergence of the capacity to create and utilize direct thoughts and symbols of great complication.

Every level contains its own mix of vibrations. Reason is about the vibrations 27/9. You can now improve in your relationship with the 2, 7 and 9 vibrations that are available in your own chart. Reaching Reason with the 2 vibration allows you to be more meaningful, harmonious, and more aware of details. Your boundaries and limits are bound by the awareness of the rhythm you want your new harmonious life to be. You become more selective. Your psychic ability will expand to a new attainment level. Your optimism and intention toward yourself expand beyond your old belief system, and you start awakening your Heart Chakra and allowing the now again, and you can now take charge of what it means to respect yourself and improve self-love. Reaching Reason with the 7 vibration means you are now in the God-view of inspiring and loving, and you will be able to acquire an even deeper level of trust in yourself. Your gifts are becoming more and more obvious to you, and you’re the strongest you’ve been in believing in and fully trusting yourself. Reaching Reason with the 9 vibration is a completion phase of the lifetime, as your Soul desires to come back into a totally new experience. Reaching that level is a new attainment of your personal evolution as well as the evolution of your Soul. At this level, you are an empath, have a Universal outlook to life, and synergy. You are a philanthropist, you’re dedicated, and you may even become some type of missionary without any internal motive- just for the love of humanity.

Love (18/9)

According to Dr. Hawkins, this level will calibrate at 500, and is characterized by the development of an energy field that is progressively unconditional, unchanging and permanent. You don’t fluctuate because the source within the person who loves is not dependent on external factors. The core of any issue becomes the center of focus at this level. This level is the first level of connection with your Soul, and you tap into the energy of your spiritual self.

Every level contains its own mix of vibration. Love is about the vibrations 18/9. You are now improving in your relationship with the 1, 8 and 9 vibrations that are available in your own chart. Reaching Love with the 1 vibration will bring you towards being the authentic leader you’ll become.

People radiate through you and with you. You empower people to be their best version of themselves. Reaching Love with the 8 vibration surpasses the Willingness And Acceptance Levels. You will attain Universal Love and love for all beings because your life view is complete. You will be prosperous and achieve great accomplishments. You’ll have a heightened awareness of values and choices, and you’ll be able to allocate resources wisely. Reaching Love with the 9 vibration means being taken into another affinity which will give you complete compassion of self and others, going beyond and a notch from the Reason Level.

Joy (14/5)

According to Dr. Hawkins, this level will calibrate at 540. As love becomes increasingly unconditional, it begins to be experienced as an inner joy, a deeper version of joy- a pleasurable turn of events. Joy arises from within with each moment of existence, rather than from an outer source. Level 540 is also the level of healing and spiritual-based self-help groups. Level 540 and upward is the domain of saints, spiritual healers, and advanced spiritual students.

Every level contains its own mix of vibrations. Joy is about the vibrations 14/5. You are now improving in your relationship with the 1, 4 and 5 vibrations that are available in your own chart. Reaching Joy with the 1 vibration is about moving through different levels of Spiritual Enlightenment and becoming totally aware of the bigger picture of life and the evolution of your spiritual and body alignment. Reaching Joy with the 4 vibration means the complete arrangement of harmony in all 4 pillars of life- mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Reaching Joy with the 5 vibration means true freedom is coming to you, and there will be complete closure of a 14/5 Karmic Debt vibration. Reaching that level is the ultimate.

Peace (21/3)

According to Dr. Hawkins, this level will calibrate at 600, the energy Ueld is associated with the experience designated by such terms as transcendence, illumination, bliss and God-Consciousness. When this state is reached, the distinction between subject and object disappears, and there is no specific focal point of perception. At this level, all is alive, radiant, and continuously flowing, unfolding in an exquisitely coordinated evolutionary dance in which significance and Source are overwhelming. A total silence of the mind and the now the unconditional now of unconditional energy with total ease, ecstasy and glory.

Every level contains its own mix of vibrations. Peace is about the vibrations 21/3. You are now improving in your relationship with the 2, 1 and 3 vibrations that are available in your own chart. Reaching peace with the 2, 1 and 3 vibrations means outgrowing the previous level of attainment bringing Soul essence and body to transformation and serenity.

Enlightenment (65/11/2)

According to Dr. Hawkins, this level will calibrate at 850-1000, While consciousness levels over 600 are statistically very rare, those above 850 are rarer still. This is a very unique and rare vibrational frequency that even humans can not accept with total ease, and the very high energy frequencies enlightenment transmits is a vibration in the collective consciousness field of mankind in general. This becomes inscribed in the auric fields

(Etheric spiritual energy bodies) of spiritually aligned people by silent transmission and can stay in the etheric spiritual body for several years and incarnations until it is tapped into, and it will wait until it is claimed.

Every level contains its own mix of vibrations. Enlightenment is about the vibrations 65/11/2. You are now improving in your relationship with the 6, 5, 1, 2 and 11 vibrations that are available in your own chart. Reaching Enlightenment with the 6, 5, 1, 2 and 11 vibration is being extremely nurturing to everyone you touch. Humanity fights all of their incarnations to gain the ultimate freedom, and that is earned by taking full responsibility of their experiences. This level brings perfect health, perfect alignment, and a God-view of the one and self. Your life-view is perfect and your consciousness pure. Adding to your previous level is soul visions, perfection, clarity in duality, and the big picture.

The truth is, many won’t ever reach the highest level or even get to a higher level because there is something “missing.” Sometimes, depending on our physical experiences, there can be a negative FEELING underneath a positive feeling, so if these feelings are present, they’ll need to be released.

During the second part of this powerful and transformative program, we will look into and concentrate on the last of the 4 PILLARS…

n Level 1, we completed the MENTAL and EMOTIONAL pillars.

In Level 2, we will investigate the PHYSICAL pillar, where we will look for any misalignment, and then we will end with the SPIRITUAL pillar of life.

This program will be designed around the brave ones taking this program.

Things can change according to the energy, vibration, and frequency of the group.

Soul to Soul Connection Level 2 runs for 5 months.

There is the possibility of a bonus month added to this program.

What Happy Students Say

Accommodate Life’s Challenges with Total Ease

I have just completed Soul to Soul Connection Level 1 and 2 with Joseph. I really admire his dedication to his students and his generosity with his time.

Living with ease requires a long-time soul search, and Joseph stuck with us without limitations. His coaching calls, support programs, meditations, and 1:1 consultations provide a well-rounded curriculum guiding us towards happiness, joy, and fulfillment. Joseph truly is a gifted teacher! Joseph’s program Soul to Soul Connection, Level 1 and Level 2, takes you through an intimate exploration of self-starting in early childhood. The progression is liberating as you make your way to the higher states of consciousness: love, joy, and peace. You will Und that your world view shifts, allowing you to accommodate life’s challenges with total ease.

Jane Bradner

Stepping Into Who I Am Meant to Be

Having recently finished the Soul to Soul Connection Level 2 program, I can honestly say these programs [Levels 1 and 2] were two of the best I have ever taken! Most of my adult life, I have been searching and seeking, looking for something [I wasn’t quite sure what] … to make my life better; make me happier, content, the elusive work/life balance. I have done many personal development programs/workshops/seminars over the years. And I can say without hesitation through these two programs, I have finally found the stability, the peace, and the inner joy I have been looking for.

It felt like Joseph held my hand through the first program. I took baby steps. But the more I did the work of clearing the low vibration emotions, the better I felt, and the more my life seemed to come together. Last year was the first Thanksgiving and Christmas ever that everyone got along. I can be with my family, and they no longer triggered me. Level 2 was a whole different ball game … we were responsible for doing the work when we got triggered. It felt scary and empowering at the same time. The conversation was different. But Joseph had my back the whole time. I never felt alone, and this in itself was huge.

For the first time in my life, I am not asking others what they think I should do. I am making the decisions entirely for what is right for me. I am trusting myself and taking care of myself at a level I never really understood until now. I am finally stepping into who I am meant to be, and I feel sure about who I am and what I have to offer the world. I have found what I was looking for … me.

Yohanna Hestler

Connected to My Purpose

I have been doing my inner healing work for about 20 years now, and I have worked with many different healers globally.

I started working with Joseph just over a year ago, and the shifts that I have made are far deeper rooted (working with past lifetimes) and far more deUnite (meaning most emotions are cleared for good). He has taught me to start living NOW and that the “healing journey” does not have to be long and arduous.

I can say that I have released the grip of many emotions that used to hold a lot of weight in my life. They used to bog me down. The emotions that WERE deeper rooted are much less now, and I have the tools to completely eradicate them.

I spend more of my time experiencing pure joy, deeper more meaningful connections, and I am connected to my purpose.

I love myself more than I ever did before, and I have more of me to offer the world. This has been the best investment of my time and energy spent on myself.

I started to learn how to manage spending more time in my feminine energy, embracing my creativity, and I’ve started painting.

Every program that I have taken with Joseph just blows all of my expectations out of the water. I have no words for how much Soul to Soul 2 changed my life, in every way!

Nadika Viswakula

Empowering Self-Awareness

If you want to learn how to do crazy energy work that allows you to keep on growing and ensures your sovereignty, take Soul to Soul Connection Level 2.

“Soul to Soul Connection Level 2” is an up-leveling from Level 1, where-in the lifelong useful methods for creating emotional releases are now replaced with empowering self-awareness, focused vision, and a lifetime ability for creating true happiness and internal harmony. This is priceless.”

You are truly awesome, Joseph. Not many people in the world would stick their heads out, let alone dedicate their lives to uplifting the lives of others. Being who you are, so open, so neutral, so loving is the greatest gift you can ever give. Thank you… may you, your loved ones, and your tribe prosper eternally.

Rawia F. Beyhum

Great Insight and Growth for Myself

I have been a client/student and a friend of Joseph’s well over 6 years now, and have taken many of his profound workshops and programs, with great insight and growth for myself.

Soul to Soul Connection Level 2, however, has taken me to a new level of awareness, I was not aware I could be. My heightened awareness of love, joy, and enlightenment, and my better relationship with my guides is incredible. I am in awe with Joseph and Soul to Soul Connection 2. Just when you think he has outdone himself, he creates another program that helps bring you to a new level of light for yourself.

Thank you, Joseph, for the program. I look forward to more of your new programs. You uniquely find the perfect button to push to help us our brightest.

Kelly-Mae Glover

Deeper Insight and Connection to My Inner Child

Soul 2 Soul Connection Level 2 gave me a deeper insight and connection to my inner child. I felt doing this program allowed me to release any fear that I had in regards to taking personal responsibility for life choices that I have made. I was finally able to release and understand the true meaning of forgiveness. It brought me to a level of peace and love for myself that I am truly grateful for.

Making this commitment to myself has assisted me in coming into my own power in life, no longer feeling disillusioned by limiting beliefs that were not serving me. It gave me newfound clarity on life, purpose, and what it’s all really about.

Joseph’s truth and knowledge was and continues to be powerful in shifting my mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual paradigm. He empowered me to step into my personal responsibility and into the driver seat of my own life. I am truly grateful for his work and being. There is no amount of words that can describe the power behind Joseph and his programs, and it’s something I highly recommend you do for yourself.

Marianne H. Bracco


Soul to Soul Connection Level 2