Crown Chakra

Soul to Soul Connection
Chakra Release Series in 5D Consciousness

In my 30 years of working with the healing arts and the concept of the Soul Agreements, I’ve observed that everything running in your life is running on autopilot and, in most cases, it’s based on a stuck emotion in the etheric Eeld around your body.

This may have started to affect your Chakras — your energetic system.

Certain feelings or emotions we tend to hold onto and become stuck with may go back as far as a childhood trauma.

They may be centered around limiting beliefs about yourself or someone in your family which, for example, you experienced again when you went through your divorce.

You may also be reminded of the emotions or feelings from that childhood event or trauma by people you encounter on a daily basis, including your own children!

This reminds you… those emotions or feelings need your attention.

They need to be released and freed!

Today, you have the opportunity to do that!

Your Soul made all sorts of Soul Connections with other souls to provide you with the experiences you’ve encountered.

Soul Connections are not over for you until you say they’re over!

Are there any Soul Connections you have that are over for you?

Are your Soul Connections / Agreements seeking an experience around…?


Those Soul Connections / Agreements will bring you the limiting belief or mindset you have today.

We all have them, but are you aware of the impact they’re having on your present situation?

It is what it is, and unfortunately, it was part of the experiences we chose to experience.

What Soul Connections did you sign up for?

Have you noticed?

There is no right or wrong here about what happened.

There is no right or wrong here for the decisions you made.

There is no right or wrong here for the actions you followed.

There is no right or wrong here for the choices you acquired.

There is no judgement about anything!

The time is now to get yourself ready to take over your life and start releasing and clearing these connections!

Join me for Soul-to-Soul Connection: The Chakra Release Series in 5D to release all the feelings you are still holding onto.

Maybe you’ve been hoping those feelings would just disappear.

Unfortunately, they won’t unless you take responsibility and do something about it…

It is ONLY YOU who can unplug yourself from your own Soul Agreements.

They are sacred and binding in nature until they are amended by YOU using your FREE WILL,


Blueprint Numerology

Crown Chakra is affected by energy of 1.
Check for Balanced or Imbalanced Energy of the Physical Body


Face – Hairline and top of head
Feet – Tips of the Toes
Hands – 1st digit to the tips

Organs/Glands/Nervous System:

Cranial plexus “The Cave of Bhrama,” muscular system, skeketal system and skin

#1 – Creativity and Confidence – Violet

Intellect, Inspiration, Divinity, Presence, Authority

Psychosomatic Dis-Eases of the Chakras

Some of the associated problems relating to the Crown are:

Depression; Parkinson’s disease; Schizophrenia, Epilepsy; Senile dementia; Alzheimer’s; Many mental disorders; Energetic Disorders, Spiritual Depression, Confusion; Dizziness; And even just feeling as if one has a fuzzy head, chronic Exhaustion that is not linked to a physical disorder, extreme sensitivities to light, sound and other environment factors

Your Past Environment and Upbringing

These feelings can be released in this program:

Ability to trust life, values, ethics, courage, humanitarianism, selfessness, ability to see the larger pattern, faith, inspiration, spirituality and decision, disconnection from Source or Soul, Blame Source to personal problem, dishonour self, inability to see or focus on the bigger picture, no will to live

Tools to Be Used in this Program

Meditation and Painting:

No Experience is necessary in either meditation (can be open or closed eyes) or painting — it is about expressing your creative side.
This is a “Bring Your Own Supplies” program!
I recommend using supplies you already have at home.


✓ Canvas – We’ll be using a 16×20, but use whatever works for you.
✓ Acrylic paints – Buy a minimum set of 6 colours in the beginning.

Checklist for Painting with Acrylics:

✓ White: Titanium White
✓ Black: Mars Black
✓ Red: Primary Magenta, Quinacridone Red or Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Red Light
✓ Yellow: Primary Yellow, Diarylide Yellow, Yellow Ochre
✓ Blue: Primary Cyan, Ultramarine Blue, Phthalocyanine Blue
✓ Orange: Pyrrole Orange or Cadmium Orange
✓ Feel free to bring your own unique colors into the mix!

✓ Paint brush set
✓ Paint palette (a paper plate, recycled cardboard or plastic will do)
✓ Cup of water (something you can wash easily or dispose of)
✓ Paper Towels, or rags, to wipe brushes, and for some paint blending
✓ A Palette Knife
✓ Protective apron or old t-shirt to keep your favorite outfits clean
✓ Hair Dryer to speed the paint drying process
✓ Easel is optional (if you have one available)

This 6-Week Deep Release Program Includes:

Week 0 – Bonus Session – Become acquainted with the work, meditation, and painting – a general overview

Week 1 – Disconnection with Source or Soul, no will to live, feeling everyone is here harms you

Week 2 – Do you bargain or express Gratitude with the Divine? Are you afraid of a closer relationship with Divine because of changes it might trigger in your life?

Week 3 – Possibilities, Inspirations, Alignment, Expansion

Week 4 – Your Life’s Options Moving Forward – Soul Perspective

Week 5 – Self-Love and Forgiveness

Crown Chakra



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