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Up-Leveling Self-Love to Love of Self and Forgiveness

A 9-Week Program

Do you feel these days it seems hard to figure out the answer to the questions you ask yourself?

What is the meaning of your life?

What is the point of your life when you always come back to the result of whatever is taking place in your life?

What is, or are, your values?

Are you able to feel your value?

Self-Love is often neglected by most of us for many reasons.
Sometimes, it is misunderstood and sometimes it’s never thought about.
Sometimes we never cared enough.
It is a feeling located in the heart and chest.

Self-Love is not just about getting a massage, manicure or pedicure, doing Yoga, or even eating healthy, although there’s nothing wrong with any of those.

It is more about self-respect to yourself.

It is about self-care.

It is about what you do or say about yourself every day.

It is about stopping the self-judgement and self-punishment we inflict on ourselves and our body.

Today, many of us are experiencing confusion.

On our journey, we experience the joy, the frustration, the anger, the guilt, the happiness, the kindness, the sadness and other feelings, but we have missed out on one important factor.

The fact is, we left ourselves behind by not being good to ourselves, punishing ourselves for the choices and decisions we made in our past, and even punishing ourselves for what other people did to us in our past.

We often end up blaming ourselves for all of our past experiences.

What will we experience as you embody your 5D self simultaneously?

We will not experience the shift the same way or even feel the changes at the same time.

Quantum Energy, Vibration and Frequency

This quantum shift is in relationship with the love of The Self.

A major shift will occur in order to elevate our frequency as the time we all used to recognise has already shifted to quantum time where time will become irrelevant and we will shift into space.

We have always stressed about time, as we never seem to really have enough time to be, have and become anything in our lives.

Until we feel at one, we are running out of time asking ourselves, “What have I accomplished, if anything, with the time I had living on this plain?”

As Nicolas Tesla said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Energy vibrates with different frequencies and, in terms of our human experience, that frequency can be negative or positive.

The frequencies we accumulate during our life starts to define us in every area of our life, though those definitions are not always accurate when you feel more into it.

The time has come to Awaken the Love of Self and Forgiveness!

It’s time to move from self-love to love of self as our consciousness is elevating into higher frequency.

Are you ready for the shift?
Are you ready for your own shift?
Are you ready to drop your grip for what no longer even exists the moment the shift happens?
Are you ready to forgive yourself in 5D?

As you embody your 5D self, you know that everything you desire is inside you.
It’s within your consciousness, at all times.

Becoming the Observer

When you embody your 5D self, you become aligned to be the observer of yourself instead of living in the experience mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

You are now observing the past.

Now there is no need to act reactively.

Instead, you observe everything with a deep sense of peace right in the center of your being.

Although the external situations may be shaky, your core is stable and radiant.

You are in total control, but this time it is a positive control as you are being guided through a flow of energy and you feel safe, relaxed and connected with the Universe, and best of all, you feel you are part of the consciousness and will bring the feeling of belonging to something you will enjoy experimenting with and expanding.

Past Life Memories

Another sign you’re embodying your 5D self is that you’ll have access to all the collectiveness of your Soul adventures and wisdom.

And those are the memories from other lives in the past, future, and even parallel realities.

You will learn that even when you were living in 3D you were living in a parallel reality called “Your Identical Self” that is usually the total opposite of who you are because your identical self made completely different decisions to what you already made yourself while living in 3D.

We access the soul memories because we access quantum elevation of your frequency, and the proportion of our light increases.

As we embody the 5D self, remembering our other lives brings real value to our life because we can learn from the different parts of us that the time membrane has separated.

As we pull those memories to our current self, it becomes an infinite well of wisdom.

Values Shifting

The more you embody your 5D self, the more your values shift.

As I always say, we need to drop all that we knew about ourselves as it does correspond to what our new values will become in our consciousness, and there is no reason you can’t start planning what you would like to become.

Without an effort, we drop the artificial things, the illusion, the thrills and arousals that we thought in the past were okay to do, but it’s no longer aligned with the integrity we have now.

It’s no longer possible to force yourself into situations that don’t meet your deepest values.

That deepest value was stripped from us consciously or unconsciously in the past for being connected with our Soul, our God, Our Source, Our Divine.

As we embody the 5D self, our relationship with integrity deepens, and integrity will become our teacher.

The value scale we used to value ourselves is no longer applicable in our life now.

“Living the life that you love and loving the life that you live in the truest demonstration of abundance.”
– Lisa Nichols

Timelines Awareness

My personal favorite of embodying the 5D self is the ability to become aware of the concepts of timelines.

Timelines are potential outcomes or events that might happen if you choose them.

Therefore, every choice opens up a set of new timelines.

With timelines, we become aware of what is possible for us and we can choose to accept or change the desired outcomes instantaneously as we please.

The same way, we can also cross timelines of past lives, and even visit loved ones at their timeline.

As we embody the 5D self, we can see the timelines that open up for us and other people.

You’ll be able to see, sense, or know your timelines depending on which senses are strongest for you.

Or you can sense them through all the extrasensory senses at once.

Before you take action, you know where it’ll lead you.

Seeing timelines helps us to make the right choice for ourselves and have the chance to explore all the possibilities and the choices of possibilities.

Instant Manifestation

As you embody your 5D self, the speed of manifestation accelerates.

Actually, it already significantly quickens as we tap into the 4D self.

With instant manifestation, the biofeedback of reality shows us where exactly we stand in our frequency and the precision of our intentions.

The more your feeling of joy, excitement and good about Self, the easier and the speedier the manifestation can occur.

We are back to energy, vibration and frequency and elevating our frequency will empower us to live in the space we are at a particular moment.

...And Much More!

“You never change things by fighting against the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.”
– Buckminster Fuller

How You'll Up-Level Yourself from 3D Self-Love to 5D Love-Self and Forgiveness

Each week is about moving from 3D to 5D and beyond…

Week 1 – Old Programs and Limiting Belief System

Week 2 – Opinions about Yourself and Labeling Others

Week 3 – Distractions and Justification

Week 4 – Judgement and Forgiveness

Week 5 – Personal Responsibilities and Taking Ownership

It is time: Many of us have to stop acting, wearing one mask after another, thinking and believing that we are not as knowledgeable and powerful as we actually are… because it is time.
It is time to wake up and put an end to all the drama.
It is time to wake up and put a duality, stop pointing fingers, and
start to accept personal responsibility then start living for a change and have a life!

Week 6 – Dropping the Grip of what no longer serves you

Week 7 – Moving Between Timelines, and Your Identical Self

Week 8 – Changing the Course of Past Events

Week 9 – Living Consciously with Up-level Frequency Moving Forward

Are You Ready to Shift?

Up-Leveling Self-Love to Love of Self and Forgiveness

A 9-Week Program

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