A Fresh Look at 2023

Disclaimer: Anything said here it does not mean it applies to everyone as we are all waking our own pathways so that is OK. Be kind to yourself.

I like to bring you back where we are today as I am writing this on December 25, 2022.

2022 is a 6 year by adding all of the numbers which means, it was all about building new relationships and strengthening the people already in your life, it was an intense energy for many of us. The basic lessons to learn from that was basically mostly focused on relationships starting from the relationship with ourselves first, our relationships with our families, our relationships with a partner and then our relationship with our children. For many of us, we felt we outgrew our relationships. It brought us the feeling of being trapped, not even alive as we start to realize how fake and artificial, we really are and the way we are living. We become people pleasers for everyone else. 

We lost our boundaries; limits and we had a hard time to say NO to people. We were so naïve and gullible in so many ways where we could not even see or stop abuse around us. It was also a year that brought us the experiences to take and focus more on personal responsibilities, be less judgmental of ourselves and others, to be more kind, loving and feeling tired, holding into your grip on the old and in the meantime losing the way to enjoy life. That last one was my own personal experience and I am walking through it now to make myself free from the limitation I imposed on myself many years ago or even probably many centuries ago. Whatever you like to change then what are you willing to drop to allow the new changes you desire to take place. That can be hard for many of us as our comfort zone, security, dependency on others, and feeling safe in our hiding in the back seat will prevent us from allowing the new change to take place. Feel into it for a moment.

Time to come alive again as it is never too late.

So, some of us, had to face the fear of the unknown which is to step into our power, our gifts, to explore the full meaning of our life as we found out that our life is about suffering, living in pain and of course it is not a life sentence to suffer your upbringing and it is not a life process to work on your healing either. Start living and be alive. It is more a choice of what you imagine yourself to be, have and become. You are here now, so you better start making it happen and manifest it. It is never too late. Saying maybe sounds easy to be true and that is true but you are the one who holds the wild card in your hand and you can make the choice what would be your next move.

Under your name and date of birth, you only have that lifetime. You are born and you will die at the end. In between them despite our upbringing and life experiences we still have that wild card with the choices we took and we are still choosing. Maybe it is now the time to evaluate and choose what you really desire out of your life.

I can tell you right now regardless of what you think, what you feel and what you believe about yourself. You are a special and unique individual human Soul and it is alright that not everyone will understand you and there is no need to suffer because of that. You are a beautiful Soul and stop looking at yourself as you are a human being curse into this life and many other previous lifetimes and there is a way out as long as you are willing to drop the grip what you need to let go off in order to allow a newer and vibrant energy to be around you today. Time to drop all what you knew about yourself and to create your new desire to live and even extend your stay here because now you are more happy, joyful and fulfilled so you ask your Soul and God for an extension with a healthier body that will reflect your joy here. Many keep talking about having a new rebirth but does that mean to you? A rebirth is about dropping everything you knew about yourself and is NOT away to the side of the globe running away from facing our own pain, families, experiences and environments that include our culture and our religion. Get rid of “what if” type of scenarios that are going on in your head as you are reading this.

This year, it brought to our attention after the last 2 years of lock down so we had lots of thinking to ourselves. I consider that a blessing maybe not a convenience but we all needed that to experience a forced grounding to all of us in order to break free from our old programming’s. We had lots of thinking but we also had an opening to our heart to what really matters in our life that took away all the distraction we had in order to focus. We were more and more concerned with what really matters and what really matters is allowing ourselves to link a small bridge to heal back our heart again and awakening that channel again. That on its own allows ourselves to look deeper into self-love, ourselves and give ourselves the permission to stop the sabotages we do, stop the judgement, stop the punishment to us and to our own bodies with all the substance we are putting into our body, to reconsider to start eating healthy if you already did start doing that. Many of us are already feeling there is something going on inside of us and we still have no clues to what it is about. To make a better choice, we ask ourselves a main question:

– If I had the opportunity today to make a choice, would I choose to be sick or to be healthy. What would you choose?

– If I had the opportunity today to make a choice, would I choose to be sad, miserable and angry or to be loving to self, to allow yourself to love someone and to receive love from someone.

– If I had the opportunity today to make a choice, would I choose to have a miserable life, feeling lonely and alone or to have a happy, joyful, and fulfilled life with you, sharing yourself with a partner that respects you as you are.

As a side note, dis-ease is not our problem but it is a symptom for the things we are resisting to drop or to address in our life. We keep treating the symptom as being the problem and what results did we get so far… maybe more misery, pain and sicknesses. Time to make new choices with a new intention and way of doing everything. Claim your choice now as you are given yourself that permission then start acting about it. Choice not supported or followed by an action is a choice with empty promise.

Recently after a lot of Soul searching, I decided to get back to my roots that personally I never left but stop speaking about it which was my connection with God.

I started an event recently in December 2022 and I will be having it again in January 2023 called Partnership with Divine but somehow, I felt I was still playing safe and now the name changed to Partnership with God.

I am not speaking of the God who we were told in our religions. I am talking about the God that is in each one of us but we have completely disconnected from him or her. The God we refer to as we are the image of God. If you are the image of your God then YOU ARE GOD!

Ask yourself a simple question – Does God as your image makes the same choices you made? The answer is no but because we disconnect ourselves from God when we go out on a limb thinking we are going to find ourselves while everything is already waiting on the inside to thrive with it. Time to connect back to your Divine home.

God is our divinity in us and we only come back to God when we NEED something from God. Unfortunately, it does not work that way.

Religion is not my interest here as I grew up in a Catholic family, growing up in a Jewish neighborhood and all located in a Muslim city and I am not speaking about their preaching of God.

God is the energy, vibration and frequency that vibrates through all of us at all times in our heart. God is a part of us and not our religion and uses him or her as they choose and suit their interest.

This is only a small introduction to what year 2023 will hold for us in our new conversation. It is time to reconnect back to God, to your true essence, to your true core of your Soul, to your true values, to love, compassion and peace to each one of us.

God bless each of you on this Christmas.

In light!

Joseph Boutros Agape (Ghabi) 

Next article will be my outlook into 2023.

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